The Dakar Rally is almost upon us (the fun kicks off on Friday, January 5) and soon the big-dollar factory race teams will be flogging their machines through the desert, along with the privateer teams and the Malle Moto competitors. With much racing comes much need for wrenching, and now you can watch the KTM wrenchers’ routine, above.

Here, we see the factory mechanics pulling apart Toby Price’s bike for its end-of-stage spa treatment. And they really do pull it apart; the fork tubes come off, the tank comes off, the rear subframe comes off, the clutch comes out, and so on. Everything is done carefully and quickly, even cleanly. Their workbench is in the middle of the desert, but I bet there’s more dust on my backyard workshop bench than there is on their workspace.

Some stuff gets replaced (exhaust mid-pipe, front rim), brake fluids get a check-up, and check out that massive oil filter. There are some very cool parts on this bike that us hoi-polloi customers shall never see on our own rides (unless we have the money and swing to get ourselves a KTM rally replica).

It all leaves you with mad respect for the mechanics who are good enough to get the invite to go with the factory team, as they must be able to perform at high level in difficult conditions. But even more-so, think of the Malle Moto maniacs who must wrench on their own bike (obviously not at this level, but still a lot of work) and actually get the thing across the finish line, without a team behind them.

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