The MoCo has just sent us an email telling us that their returning 2024 models are listed on the Harley-Davidson website now.

For reasons I dinnae ken, the H-D PR doesn’t actually list the returning machines. However, we are given this following tidbit:

The limited-production 2024 models from Harley-Davidson® Custom Vehicle Operations™ (CVO™) and more new Harley-Davidson motorcycle models will be revealed with a special launch film “American Dreamin’” on at 10 a.m. CST on January 24.

“The Dawn of a New Era”: Marketing-Speak, or something big coming? We’ve been told it was the second… Photo: Harley-Davidson

So, wait three weeks, and we’ll see new bikes. Hmmmmm. Only a few hours ago, we told you we expected to see a Harley-Davidson Pan America 975 launched in coming days. Could it be as early as the end of this January? Stay tune; we’re ready to have our heart broken again, so to speak (we thought this machine was coming last year).

Digging into the Harley-Davidson website, it is worth noting that H-D has three Trike models returning for 2024 and two electric motorcycles (under the LiveWire brand) while the lineup still only contains a single Adventure Touring model, the Pan America 1250 Special (the base model is gone). If you’ve been paying attention to the new bike releases from last year, you should know that adventure bikes are currently the hottest segment in motorcycling. So why isn’t Harley-Davidson pushing harder here? Is the Pan America’s profit margin too thin? Or are the MoCo faithful just not buying into the ADV scene? Or, should we just be patient? Change does not happen overnight.

Harley-Davidson currently has three Trike models in the lineup, to a single Adventure Touring model. Photo: Harley-Davidson

We should know more in three weeks’ time, but expect to see more cruisers/tourers/baggers/etc. than ADV bikes.

As for the returning 2024 machines, see the Sport models here; the Cruiser models here; the Touring models here; the Adventure Touring segment here; the Trikes here.

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